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there’s a part of me that’s always been joined with you, even when we couldn’t touch. and when we could—mah lord, remy, ah felt like ah could never get enough of you even if ah melted into you like snow on wet grass. like every inch of me needed to touch every inch of you.

Rogue & Gambit by Lee Bermejo
Cover of X-Men Legacy #224

Rogue & Gambit by Lee Bermejo

Cover of X-Men Legacy #224

 Anna Marie // Rogue
We’re X-Men, Logan. What defines us is hope. That’s why we don’t give up. That’s why, no matter the odds…we find a way t’win.
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An’ she gone, snap, jus’ like dat. An’ look what she leaves behind— Gambit, Prince of t’Thieve’s Guild, left standin’ like a fool, pain in his chest… ‘cause she stole my heart… gaspin’ for air…. ‘cause she took my breath away…

Den I’ll find a way t’give you more. I like where I’m goin’ a whole more dan where I been. I wanna go there wit’ you. I want you t’touch me. Be inside me again— become me— let me become you— No secrets, no shame— so dat we can get past this an’ go on from here. De way I want us to— together— as one. Choice is yours.

That was for luck.
It worked. I feel luckier already. 

Well I can say I’m really enjoying reading X-Treme X-Men so far~

We’ve had our moments, Remy. They’re not enough, they’ve made me greedy. Ah want a lifetime.