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rebellatrix asked: Your ~Cajun Spice.

1. Why I like them
I love Remy so much! He’s always trying to make up for his past mistakes. Most don’t trust him, and he doesn’t really even trust himself. So he’s kinda like a lone wolf in the X-Men. And he blames himself for a lot of things, that also weren’t necessarily his fault. And that he’s just this extremely loyal guy and will do anything for those who matter to him. And I like that he lives by his own set of rules. I have so many things I wanted to say, but tried to keep this short, so this part is poorly written. But I’ve been a huge fan of Remy since I was a kid.

2. Favorite line
Well not my absolute favorite, but I love “
Hasn’t been your night, eh, chère? Or maybe it has — considering how often I am here to rescue you.”

And in X-Men Animated 90’s series, I loved in the final episode when Charles to Remy says “Gambit. How often must the scoundrel prove himself a hero, before he believes it himself.

3. Favorite outfit
I prefer him without clothes~

4. OTP
Rogue/Gambit!!!!! also Gambit/me~ I ship him with a few others, but my OTP will always be Romy.

5. A wish
well I did just get my solo series for him. I’d like to see his ties with Mr. Sinister explored more, as well as his death persona.  And I would love love love for more Laura/Gambit scenes. not romantic.

6. An oh-god-please-dont-ever-happen
James Asmus, I’ve been reading your interviews. Stop trying to make him a ladies man. STOP. He is not a womanizer. AND DOESN’T NEED ANOTHER LOVE INTEREST. HE HAS THREE ALREADY!

7. 5 words to best describe them
Loyal!!, charming, crafty, adrenaline junkie, courageous

8. My nickname for them
It would be none other than CAJUN SPICE!! 

  1. rebellatrix said: Ah, these were such lovely responses :]
  2. vejigante said: I would also like to see characters from his last series return, like courier
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