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46 Days of Marvel: Day 05 | Favorite Team

New X-Men // Mercury, Hellion, Surge, X-23, Rockslide, Dust, Prodigy, Elixir, Pixie, Anole

Ben: If we wait here long enough, some horrible thing is going to happen to us. Some random snarling monster is going to crash through that window or something and kill us all. This is what our lives are now.
Santo: You want to lay down and die, Match? Indra? Go for it. But not me. It doesn’t matter if you’re the youngest mutant on the planet, or the oldest. We’re mutants. So someone’s going to come gunning for us. And when they do.. I’m going down fighting. Because I’m an X-Man. And that’s what X-Men do. And at the very least… we’ll go down together. 

(New X-Men v2 #43)

Oh these kids. All of them, so strong, brave, courageous and loyal. They will always step up to the plate and never take anyone’s crap. They try their hardest and give everything they’ve got to protect one another.

They’ve suffered so much and survived. They were put through some of the most horrendous things I’ve read in comics, Purifiers self righteously attacking their school, watching friends get shot in the head, and witnessing helplessly as over forty of their other friends were blown up when Stryker bombed the school bus. And they tried so hard to save their friends, but couldn’t. And all this tragedy didn’t stop there. They’ve also been hunted down, some of the members have been maimed and others tortured, hearts ripped from their body, pieces of souls taken away, the kids even spent some time in hell, literally. What other horrific events must these kids endure, how many more of their friends do they have to bury? It always breaks my heart thinking about everything they’ve been through.

And the thing about this, is the X-Men were never there for them. They’ve done such a shitty job of protecting these kids who they’re responsible for. I don’t want to get into that thoroughly right now, as this post would become even longer. But with the New X-Men, they’ve always had to fight and save themselves. When all these horrid events were happening, the X-Men weren’t there. When the Purifiers attacked, the X-Men didn’t stop them. When Nimrod came back, who took him down? Who saved the kids? Surely wasn’t the X-Men! How about when they were sent to hell? This team has learned and knows they can only rely on themselves for protection, safety and care. All the X-Men have done is neglect and abandon these kids.

Nori: Shut up. Just shut up! No! Where was he when we were getting killed? Well? Where were you when we getting blown up in buses, or shot in the head, or getting our hearts ripped out?! Where were you when those Purifier bastards came to kill what was left of us in your freaking mansion?! There’s nothing you can teach us “Prof..” We already know how to die.

(New X-Men v2 #44)

What I really love most about this team is the incredibly strong bond they all have with each other, as well as the individual friendships made. Sometimes yeah they have arguments, but no matter what, they always have each other’s back. And have learned to really come together as team. They’ve matured, changed, fought and grown together, they’re connected forever. And this group of kids are some of the most courageous and daring ever. They do what they believe is right, and are not hesitant to step up. They’d sacrifice their own life in a second to save someone. They’re always there for each other and make such great heroes.

I just love that this team is built on friendship and care. They’re all so wonderfully close and love each other so much. And I also wanna point out that some of my personal favorite friendships came from this book, like Laura/Cessily, Julian/Cessily, Cessily/everyone. This team even has some of my top favorite characters, looking at you Cess & Laura! I love just about every one of them, and they’re the most precious to me. 

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